Retro Travel Tags


Travel Tags
Finishing Notes

DO NOT include any “finishing rows” around the canvas. Tags are finished up to the stitched edge.  Extra stitching may cause the finished piece to be bulky or uneven or make finishing by IHN not possible.

If possible, the hole and line defining the hole where the grommet will be applied should not be stitched. The stitching will be removed as part of the grommet installation.

Travel Tag Stitching Specifics

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Download Form

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Sampling of IHN Work

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General FAQs

Please carefully reviewing the IHN stitching specifics document to ensure your piece is ready for finishing and you aware of our requirements.

Download Travel Tag Form

After carefully reviewing the IHN stitching specifics document, please download the retro travel tag form, fill it out, sign and email the form to

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