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I began needlepointing in college when I was given a Dimensions kit of the coastal town of Portsmouth. It is all stitched in scratchy wool, has a union jack on the yard arm and still looks as good in its frame as it did the day I finished it. I cross stitched, knitted and needlepoint on an off for many years between working full time and raising two children. As my children grew and went away to boarding school, I found more time and rekindled my love of needlepoint. Lucky for me my husband has always believed that needlepoint was cheaper than therapy and has always supported the calmness stitching brings me. Armed with a Conair Twister Braid I made my first cord. Not too pretty at first but after a few I had a technique that worked to my satisfaction. I showed my creations to my local shops and began finishing for a few of them especially during the holiday rush.

By January 2020 I had finished many thousands of ornaments for local shops and my youngest was soon to graduate from college. I decided that I was going to give up finishing as I no longer was going to need my side hustle to offset school bills. By the summer of 2020 I hade made may new needlepoint (Zoom) friends all over the country and across the pond in the UK and it was clear that I would not be giving up finishing. In June of 2020 I started Island House Needlepoint, LLC. In November I gave up my corporate job of 30+ years to become a full-time finisher. The rest is history. I love working with each of you and finishing your masterpieces! I care for each as it was my own and ensure that each new finish is “properly Engineered” to our full satisfaction.

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Please carefully reviewing the IHN stitching specifics document to ensure your piece is ready for finishing and you aware of our requirements.

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