Island house is

engineering a paradigm shift
in needlepoint finishing

Handmade With love

Island House Needlepoint is a full-service independent finishing studio. We work both wholesale with Local Needlepoint Shops (LNS) and directly with stitchers (DTC). 

With decades of experience in engineering, stitching and finishing in mind, we are inspired to change the game in finishing.

Our process is a beautiful harmony of how technology and machinery can elevate the magic of handmade and hand-sewn finishing. All of our finishing pieces are stitched by hand to honor and maintain the highest quality transformation of your stitched canvases. We then utilize machined, high-quality acrylics both internally and externally to create durable and protected works of art.

One Canvas,
Many Possibilities

From denim jackets to grommeted tags to our own in-house standardized acrylic finishes, we take great pride in offering a myriad of finishing options. Stay tuned for blog posts and more for each of our offerings.

Studio finishing Updates:

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