Island House™ Laying Tool


Additional Information

Introducing the Island House™ Magnetic Laying Tool!

As a passionate needlepointer with an engineering background, I’ve crafted the ultimate laying tool designed for stitchers who adore precision and comfort—inspired by carefully considering our favorite laying tool elements.

Here’s why the Island House™ Laying Tool is a game-changer: 

  • The Island House™ Laying tool is magnetic! This tool effortlessly attaches to any magnet on your canvas or stand, ensuring it stays put; no more hunting for your instrument.
  • Crafted for hours of stitching, it’s perfectly balanced and fits snugly in your hand, regardless of how you hold it—the ideal combination of weight and balance.
  • Made from 416 Stainless Steel, it’s hardened and tempered, guaranteeing the tip won’t bend or break under everyday use.
  • Island House Needlepoint’s engineer (JoAnn) designed and developed them in the USA.
  • They are proudly fabricated in the USA on high-precision metal working machinery by a small business in Connecticut.
  • A smooth tip with the perfect taper to a small ball point allows precise control of your fibers.
  • Ballpoint will not pierce ribbon or Neon Rays.
  • The tapered tip also makes the tool perfect for opening canvas holes to plunge fibers and embellishments, making it an all-in-one tool.

We’ve engineered perfection in every stitch with the Island House™ Laying Tool. Each tool comes in a protective tube with capped ends. 

Please see our blog post to learn more about using our laying tool.