Island House™ Bead Minder


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Introducing the Island House Bead Minder, this little magnetic box is the perfect combination of a beading mat and a needle minder!

The Island House Bead Minder is approximately 2 inches in diameter is made of metal with a shallower top and deeper bottom that screw together. Inside of both the top and bottom have tacky surfaces for holding your beads. The minder includes a magnet to put on the back side of your canvas or attach to any magnetic surface to hold your beads in a location convenient for stitching.

We developed the bead minder after years of struggling with beading.  We think we have achieved our design goals!

  • The bead minder’s small footprint makes it perfect for beading on small canvas areas.
  • The bead minder will not break when it is dropped (or bouncing around in our stitching bags).
  • The bead minder stays attached to your stitching area with a strong hold magnet (similar to needle minders).
  • The shallow depth top is the perfect surface for attaching to your canvas while beading, the deeper bottom can also be used attached, but also fits perfectly in your hand if you prefer.
  • The bead minder keeps beads in place as your canvas is rotated on your frame.  The sticky surface keeps the beads in place and the magnet holds to the canvas.