The Ultimate Guide to Grommet Tag Needlepoint Finishing

Introducing our patent-Pending Process

Hedgehog Needlepoint Designs

At Island House, we’ve become well-known for our innovative grommet tag finishes. As of January 2024, we’ve finished over 2,000 Hedgehog Needlepoint™ retro travel tags, sorority tags, and college tags, each lovingly stitched by our talented customers. We take pride in helping our customers preserve their cherished memories in a beautiful, durable, and functional way. 

Our Patent-Pending Finishing Technique: Our grommet tags are finished over a precision-designed laser-cut insert using our patent-pending technique. By finishing needlepoint over an acrylic insert and installing a brass grommet, we ensure that your tags can withstand the test of time, no matter how you choose to use them. Whether you hang your tag as an ornament, string it on bunting over your kitchen sink, or attach it to your travel bag, our finish will keep your needlepoint looking beautiful for years to come.

Hedgehog Needlepoint designs stitched and photographed by on instagram

Durability and Resilience: With our acrylic insert, you never have to worry about your tag getting damp, bent, or crushed. Unlike paper-based products used for traditional needlepoint finishing techniques, our acrylic insert holds its shape. It does not absorb water, ensuring your tag will maintain its shape, not harbor molds or break down for the long haul.

The Story Behind the Grommet: The idea for incorporating grommets into needlepoint tags results from JoAnn’s father Graham’s combined passions for engineering, sailing, and sewing.  Early in Graham’s engineering career, he worked at a sewing machine manufacturing plant.  Throughout JoAnn’s life, she learned to sew … sails for their boats, biminis, sail covers, etc. from her Dad.  Graham had a massive stash of tools, including lots of grommets of different sizes, that he passed to JoAnn.   When Hannelore of Hedgehog Needlepoint shared her early retro tag designs with JoAnn, she knew she had to find a way to include a brass grommet in the tag hole to make them functional and long-lasting. After engineering several prototypes, our beautiful grommet tag finish was born. We’ve continued refining and improving our techniques, and we’re confident you’ll be delighted with your tag!

Expanding the Grommet Tag Style: Due to the popularity of our grommet tag finish, we now offer this style for tag shapes beyond the standard set by Hedgehog. In our shop, you can purchase templates for the standard size tag and a smaller size that works with most 2″ x 4″ luggage tags.

Customizable Designs: Several designers, such as Sew Much Fun and The Meredith Collection, produce tag-shaped canvases for which we’ve created inserts. If you have an idea for a custom design, feel free to contact us – we’re always happy to tweak our design shape to fit your canvas!

At Island House, we’re passionate about helping our customers create beautiful, functional, and long-lasting needlepoint pieces. Our grommet tag finishing process is just one example of how we combine innovation, craftsmanship, and a commitment to customer satisfaction to deliver exceptional results. We invite you to experience the Island House difference for yourself!

Hedgehog Needlepoint designs stitched and photographed by on instagram