valentines Day Sign
goodpoint "love"

Written by: JoAnn Gardella

Published: Jan 19, 2024

Finish Style:

Finish Style: Island House Needlepoint sign over rigid internal form

Finisher: Island House Needlepoint


Designer: Goodpoint Needlepoint

Canvas Name: “LOVE” red color way

Mesh Size: 13 Mesh Mono canvas

Artwork: Stitch painted onto canvas

Fibers Used:

White Background – Brown Paper Packages – Silk & Ivory – Color: White #02 

LOVE – Rainbow Gallery – Neon Rays + – Color: #NP118

Pink bands – Rainbow Gallery – Silk Lame Braid – Color: #SL26

Hearts – Sundance Beads – Size 14 – Color: #11 attached with red beading thread


I purchased this canvas from Amanda of Goodpoint Needlepoint after seeing  it on a Stitch Philly IG post.  Amanda lives a couple of towns away and is an absolute doll, and I love her design style! 

I’m laughing as I type this but … here goes – I stitched 90% of the piece watching the Kansas City Chiefs wild card game. Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce dressed in Chiefs red were inspirational ….

The background I stitched in basketweave using white Silk and Ivory.  In hindsight I could have chosen a thinner fiber or a lighter coverage stitch, but I was trying to watch a football game so I went with something quick and easy.

Island House Needlepoint Laying tool


I stitched “LOVE” with Neon Rays Plus which I laid with my  FABULOUS Island House Laying tool. I chose to tent stitch everything in then came back and long stitched the letters over.  Stitching twice gave the letters a bit of dimension to stand out from the heavier background.

Beading and pink stripes 
Goodpoint LOVE Needlepoint
Island House Bead Minder

The pink stripes were stitched in a kalem stitch going from left to right down the stripe simultaneously.  I liked that the lines looked like arrows pointing to the corner hearts.  I envision this stitch similar to what we called a horse tail braid when we were kids.  

I chose to bead the red hearts to add more dimension to this little canvas. Using my Island House Bead Minder, I added the beads using a continental stitch, at the end of each row I ran my beading thread back trough the center of all of beads in the row to anchor and align them.  

I  finished my canvas as a sign over a rigid acrylic structure (IHN Patent pending).  It will remain square and flat without damage from the elements for many years to come.

I will smile each time I walk past this little gem reminding me of: the T and T LOVE story (baby just say yes); my wedding anniversary (29 years this year); as well as future valentines love stories of my friends and family.