Floor Stand – Lowery Workstand


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Brand: Lowery Workstand

At Island House Needlepoint we have tested many different needlepoint stands and love the versatility and durability of the Lowery floor stand!

We find the most difficult part about transitioning to using a floor stand is understanding how to set them so they are comfortable for use in YOUR particular stitching location.  For this reason, each stand is sold with a 1/2 hour virtual set up session with JoAnn.  JoAnn will work with you via Zoom or FaceTime to ensure you have your stand set for hours of comfortable stitching.

Please note: We generally DO NOT stitch on our Lowery floor stand with the method described on the Lowery website.

Lowery Workstands are fabricated by a small family business in North Lincolnshire England.  They are very sturdy, made of metal and powder coated in silver grey.  The floor stand comes with Lowery’s “side clamp” head.

The Stand disassembles into 4 parts: a base plate; a rising pole; an angle extension; and a clamp head.  We have traveled extensively with our Lowery stand and find the 4 pieces fits nicely into our carry on suitcase.

Approximate adjustments: Horizontal: 6.5″ – 9.5″ | Vertical: 20″- 34.5″

Approximate weight = 6.5lbs

Photographs of the stand are by Lowery. Canvas featured is by Alice & Blue.